Need To Tell You First…

Here is one surprisingly satisfied customer for your White Tiger Tantra DVD’s.

I am surprised with how quickly there was a difference.

I have read everything I have found about deep spots, G spots, positions, relationships, and even hypnosis. For some reason, what you teach has not come across anywhere else.

In general, with some work, I have gotten women to orgasm. My wife has been one of the toughest cases which is why I have tried to learn even more. I have had the feeling she has not been able to let go, relax. For some reason it never occurred to me this could be mostly physical.

I got your DVD’s by mail on Friday. My wife was traveling over the weekend so I watched them in the meanwhile. I sent a message to my wife that when she gets back, I have new information on how to massage her. I do massage her from time to time anyway. Maybe weekly. This time it was much better than before. I hadn’t known how to massage all the muscles around the pelvis. Now I did and she thoroughly enjoyed it. At one point she said I found the muscles that cramped when she gave birth to our son 10 year ago and some that she has felt cramp when we make love.

As you can imagine, it certainly wasn’t all physical. There was a lot of positive emotions in the room as well. 🙂

After the massage, I put her to bed thinking I probably need to do this on several evenings before there is a difference. She certainly has nothing against this.

After sending the kids to school this morning, we found ourselves in bed together, making love. She likes the position in which the women found it easiest to ejaculate anyway, so I though, let’s give yin hand position a try. She ejaculated. I was totally surprised. I would have thought she wasn’t ready. Certainly she had a lot less tension previous evening than I thought. Even her shoulders were quite smooth this time… But still. Already? And I had tried everything I know with her G and deep spots

There is one thing Steve said that is so obvious I should have thought of it before: stimulating one and the same spot will make the nerves numb. I have noticed but then haven’t had an alternative.

She says her orgasm wasn’t one of those long ones but a quick and sharp this time. Afterwards she glowed relaxation. I am excited to see how her feelings develop. She does need more massaging and I enjoy doing it to her too.

My friends – I cannot call you anything else considering what you have given us – your contribution to our life has been remarkable. I do wish I could come and see you. All the time watching the DVD’s I was thinking that’s the work I would like to be doing myself. For some reason, giving women pleasure has always been the best thing I know.

She might not be the only woman that gets to enjoy my new understanding of female physiology. Our marriage has never been based on sex and therefore we have allowed ourselves to explore it with other people. I hope she can teach at least some of this to other men. In general, I feel bad for men. Most of us are terrible lovers. Even though she has had more experiences with people other than me, my experiences with other women have been probably much better.

Extremely gratefully,




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