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The notion of yoni massage and orgasms to resolve the many unhealthy side effects of stress related illness isn’t a new concept.

The mental and physical health benefits of sacred sensuality— the mind-body-yoni massage-orgasm-spiritual connection— go way back to before the Kama Sutra was written in ancient India.

In more recent history, Dr. Wilhelm Reich moved to New York in 1939. He practiced sexual healing with patients using his Orgone energy therapy.

His version of what we might now call a form of sacred sensuality.

Let’s go into a little history lesson.

The late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957), was a protégé of Sigmund Freud. He believed women who couldn’t release the total emotional, physical and spiritual experience of ego-free full-body orgasms and cycle Orgone energy became neurotic.

yoni massage

This according to Reich could also lead to chronic emotional distress that trapped emotions in the body’s tissue or what he called armoring. “The issues get trapped in the tissues.”

Orgone energy is Dr. Reich’s concept that combines the cycling universal life force energy (Chi) with the energy of ‘ego-free’ mind, body and spiritual orgasms.

He developed Orgone energy therapy to free the trapped emotions and reduce the impact and symptoms of illnesses like; anxiety, depression and other stress related issues.

Reich believed most modern illnesses came from the stress of everyday life and sexual suppression.

He coined the phrase “the sexual revolution.”yoni massage

With his Orgone energy therapy Reich’s patients obtained some very promising and measurable results. However, his message of sexual liberation and sexual healing disturbed his colleagues, the power structure and the politicians of New York in 1939. Reich was sentenced to prison and died there of heart failure.

Modern Medical Discovery

We’ve known for years that women who receive yoni massages and yoni orgasms, at least once a week, are considerably less stressed and overall much happier.

However, there is current medical research that may indicate that while enjoying themselves, these women may have also inadvertently strengthened an unconscious mind-body health connection.

Actually it’s more of a mind-body-sensory connection that uses a neural network called the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve wanders from the brain and connects to every organ of the body with a highly sensitive sensory input-output neural network.

yoni massage

This neural network receives sensory input from the organs and responds with releasing neural chemicals.

For instance, when you’re in danger or become stressed your mind instantly releases vital neurochemicals into your body like adrenaline and cortisol to protect you. The vagus nerve is responsible for this action.

The vagus nerve then calms the tension in your body by the release of other neurochemicals like endorphins and oxytocin to counter the effects of the stress.

How quick you can rebound from any stressful situations is called your vagal tone.

A significant rise in vagal tone, which increases with positive emotions, is also thought to increase the vagal tone.

This can enhance social closeness while maintaining and promoting good health. Certainly, yoni massage can result in pleasant orgasms.

Yet, an additional side benefit is that at the unconscious level, regular yoni massages could help women return to a more balanced state of being by strengthening their vagal tone.

yoni massage

Yoni Massage Before and After Video

Started with “I thought I was being cheated by the little orgasms I was cursed with. Now I can release full-body, toe-curling, orgasms…that leave me speechless.”

Click here to watch this video on YouTube>>

The Nerve Hunter

The mind-body-organ connection discovered recently through the research of Dr. Kevin Tracy, a New York neurosurgeon, who studies the interaction of the vagus nerve and it’s potential healing relationship to the body.

Click here to read a great article, “Hacking The Nervous System” about his work.

What Wires Together Fires Together…

What Wires Apart Fires Apart!!

A great quote from the book The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease by Marc Lewis PHD is “What wires together fires together. What wires apart fires apart.” Our bodies and minds are neurological learning machines that we can train.

What you practice you get good at.

If you practice thinking negative thoughts you become stressed.

The longer you’re stressed the more tension builds up in your body. Conversely, if you practice thinking positive thoughts or doing positive things your body will practice being calm.

Obviously, there are many pleasure benefits with yoni massage.

Yet when you practice them regularly they also condition you to release a full-body pleasure cocktail of neurochemicals like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, etc.

yoni massage

Some benefits of releasing this cocktail are, dopamine and oxytocin can help create deep bonding with your partner. When you release oxytocin the cuddle chemical it can help resolve anxiety and depression by lowering cortisol.

With regular practice of yoni massage and orgasms you increase your respiratory rate, increase the flow of blood to your organs, that can help dissipate headaches and help give you a glow that has you look and feel years younger.

Can’t always take the time for a yoni massage and orgasm. No problem there are studies that indicate when you immerse yourself and pleasant thoughts and memories you can also release a neurochemical pleasure cocktail.

Here is a step-by-step exercise for you to do at home:

  • Find a safe and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed and shut off your phone or any other potential distractions.
  • Take some time for yourself.
  • Then just close your eyes and practice thinking back to a very pleasant thought or memory. Perhaps you can recall a very enjoyable sensual experience.
  • Totally immerse yourself in that memory.
  • See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. And if there were any pleasant scents associated with the situation… slowly them breathe in and totally recall them again. As you exhale, notice how tension leaves your body.

These kinds of activities can help you train your body and mind to use your parasympathetic nervous system to unconsciously and spontaneously release neurochemicals to help you feel great.

The more you wire together and fire together good feelings… the better you’ll feel.

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Hubby and I bought WTT dvd set , recieved last april. I was hiiighly sceptic, being 42, never having felt anything but a clit-orgasms and having “no” sensation in my vagina..

But, as you know, I learned that I have both A- ang G-spot that just needed to be invited to wake up 🙂 Was 100% sceptic to ejaculation ability, but was proven wrong again… now have to use like 1-2 big bathroom towels every time…

My “problem” is that I feel nothing that equals to my interpretation/ experience as being orgasms with this. I have crazy good burning sensation on both A- and G- spots (especially A.. OMG..) and get a downward pressing urge, which i find compatible with squirting.. My eyes are filled with fluid, tears running. But never, so far, anything that is even close to a classic clit-orgasm.. no contractions of PC-muscles or anything like that. So, are the A-and G-spot orgasms different from the clit-orgasms or am I just not “there” yet??? In all literature I’ve seen so far (and I’ve tried finding books and net-sites) it’s always described as contractions in the PC-muscles (espesially anal part, right?) This makes me “fear” am not doing it right.. I have allergy against feeling being wrongly put together.. LOL

Yes, we’ve done the massages and done the whole thing by “the book”..

Possible interesting information:
During last labour, summer 1999, I was badly hurt (huge pressure on iliosacral nervebundle for one hour with few minutes off inbetween) , was paralized in pelvic floor and right leg for months, still suffering from that now and then even though my kegels have been sufficient to make me hold in small metal balls jumping around in the room. .. Now I wonder if that “lack of orgasm” from A- and G-spots are because of that… my mind gets going…

Hope to hear from you.. Grateful if you have time to reassure a troubled mind LOL

T.B. 🙂

Steve’s Answer

First of all, there are no wrong ways of having orgasms.

There are only better ways of having orgasms.

Clitoral orgasms, since these are the first ones learned, are also referred to as adolescent orgasms. Vaginal orgasms are the next natural state of orgasms. Full body orgasms are the ‘adult dose’ of orgasms. And sustained multiple orgasms… well those are the crown jewels that all women desire to posess.

Back to your answer.

It sounds to me like you still have unsmooth muscle texture on the inner vagina. All spasms and trigger points need to be resolved out of inner vaginal muscle area to allow blood and nitric oxide to flow and create vasodilation, otherwise known as engorgement, in the genitals.

This creates an increased flow of nitric oxide in the blood. When this happens all the nerve fibers on the inner and outer vagina can be connected.

Remember in the sensual enhancement massage, on the outside of the shaved vagina, we do a massage technique that is quite similar to what is known as “skin rolling” to help remove spasms and other tension points on the exterior of the vagina.

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Kali describes how the White Tiger Tantra 7 Minute Full Body Orgasms are a more powerful pleasure experience than the short lived orgasms she thought she experienced before her Awakening.

If you would like to experience orgasms or help your partner achieve orgasms like the orgasms Lola describes, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

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Kali describes the difference between what she thought was an orgasm and the heights of ecstasy her body is able to achieve after experiencing her White Tiger Tantra Awakening. This was filmed immediately after Kali experienced the White Tiger Tantra meditation The Kiss Of A Thousand Tongues.

If you would like to experience orgasms or help your partner achieve orgasms like the orgasms Lola describes, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

Learn more at: Sensual Awakening

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In the hundreds of women I’ve worked with who choose to regularly use vibrators during sex and masturbation, it takes 5 to 8 times more work to awaken them to be able to experience full body orgasms. And for those women who I’ve noticed return to using vibrators, their ability to experience full body orgasms quickly diminish from under 7 minutes to not at all.

The vibrator was developed as a medical tool to relieve women of hysteria. Although it has been a tool to help women reach orgasm for over 100 years, little attention has been paid to what, if any, effects prolonged use can have on the nerve endings in and around the vagina. Research in the 80’s into the use of vibration as a desensitizing method to treat traumatic hand injuries shows that a single session of 10 minutes with a vibrator will decrease sensitivity to touch and heat for an equal amount of time after removing the vibrator.


14% of women report never cleaning their vibrators.

Scientific research in the personal use of a vibrator as a sex toy is lacking. A 1976 survey reported a 1% use by females, a 1996 survey reported 19% of Swiss women between the ages 18-74 used vibrators, more recently a 2009 survey found just under half of respondents reported using a vibrator at some point. The 2009 survey by Drs. Michael Reece and Debra Herbenick also found that 28.5% of women also reported side effects of vibrator use ranging from numbness to tears or cuts.

So does this mean that more and more women are using vibrators or are they just more open about their use? Who knows. It may be years before sex researchers are able to conclusively show one way or another what affect vibrator use is having. So where does that leave us? Some sex experts, like Dr. Frank Sommers, caution against the use of vibrators not because they ‘desensitize’ but because they train the body to only be able to orgasm through a level of stimulus that no human (man or woman) can recreate.

Let’s face it, it may be years before we have the facts on whether or not vibrator use can cause desensitization or any other form of impairment. From my own experience, I can say that I’ve worked with hundreds of women who had not only experienced numbness but had also been unable to form strong relationship bonds with men and women because of their use of vibrators. Some of these women had gone so far as to name their vibrators and even celebrate their anniversary once a year. And while most questions regarding desensitization concern the woman’s clitoris, the other major nerve bundles inside the vagina (the A-spots, G-spot, U-spot, and SRP) are just about never mentioned. Further, I’ve yet to meet a woman who could achieve the level of full body orgasm that White Tiger Tantra achieves with her vibrator.

In the end, it all boils down to what sort of relationship do you want? The vibrator can be effective as a means of showing a woman that it is possible to experience orgasm. And if building emotional bonds with an inanimate object works better for you than bonding with another human, that’s great. But the practice of White Tiger Tantra requires that vibrators are set aside while the woman and her partner(s) work to help her develop the ability of experiencing the heightened states of sensual pleasure and full body orgasm that all women’s bodies are designed to achieve.

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