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Lola describes how her orgasms are bigger than ever before after learning White Tiger Tantra and practicing the Water Meditation technique taught in private coaching sessions.

Over the past couple days my orgasms have increasingly grown each time. You know, they started local and they got bigger and bigger and you know, they were rushing through my whole body and then yesterday it felt like my orgasms were even bigger than my body.

They were reaching, and like filling the room, and reaching outside of me and that I couldn’t even contain or hold the orgasm inside my body. It had to be bigger than me.

That was really cool. That I would like to happen more often. All the time actually.

So the exercise we did yesterday, at first I didn’t think it was going to work for me because I’ve done some things that were similar to that and you know they never worked for me before. And going through that exercise, it was different this time.

I climaxed, I orgasmed, it was probably one of the biggest orgasms I ever felt.

If you would like to experience orgasms or help your partner achieve orgasms like the orgasms Lola describes, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

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