White Tiger Tantra Couple Interview (video)

Maxima and Conrad share their experiences after continuing practicing the skills they discovered during a single session of White Tiger Tantra.

Narrator: What have you noticed that’s been different?
Maxima: I have to say I can make a good relation between massage and the sexual part in my brain. I do know an association, especially when he touch me. Its a good part, its a good being.
Conrad: Well now she’ll instantly react like that. We don’t have to build her up to that level. Its like she’s already there now.

Narrator: So you’re finding you’re getting her to those places much faster?
Conrad: Oh yeah.
Maxima: Oh yeah.
Conrad: With much more intensity. I’ve obviously… there’s a lot more of wetness and intensity to… it’s as if we brought it up to an extra level. If we compare, you know, before and after, its a very significant change in all sexual aspects I find. Because she’s much more sensitive all over her body too as well.

Narrator: Have you noticed a difference in her walk?
Maxima: Yes! I love to walk and dance and I realize the difference. I feel like a cat.
Conrad: And the whole pelvis moves too. That was a way big difference. It’s like before I didn’t notice the movement, but now I do. And not because we did this thing its really because you feel the movement. Its like in synchronicity, its better and it flows better too as well. I mean we’re definitely psyched to learn more about it for sure. I mean if this is only like level one kinda thing.

Narrator: Has there been any emotional changes? Have you felt any different during the day because you’ve had this release, this ‘awakening?’
Maxima: I don’t know if its because of those they are really strange.
Conrad: I think yes actually… The next day she was like super mellow and just nothing really bothered her. She was like on a very mellow mood and comfortable to live with as well. I think this is a process that everyone should go through, I mean some men should get through this process with out any of this stuff. But some need it and will find that it takes you up a level. So you’re a level closer to sublime. Anyone and everyone. Its not even an age question either. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.

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