A Fuller Woman In Her Sexuality (video)

Many women, like Lola, try a variety of other methods and never achieve the results possible through practicing White Tiger Tantra. Lola describes how after her three day “Awakening” she no longer feels like she is missing out on a piece of life and now feels comfortable in her own body.

Before I did White Tiger Tantra, I tried a bunch of things: I went to seminars, I did weekend retreats, I read books, I talked to friends, I’ve been to anybody I could think of that might specialize in help in my situation.

The work that I’ve done in the past three days surpasses anything I’ve done. Anything. Any workshops. Any books I’ve read. Any journaling. Anything I’ve done towards bettering myself and making, you know, being a fuller woman in my sexuality.

I’ve probably did like 10 years of therapy in 3 days. In just shedding stuff and getting back to who I am and being a whole person. And feeling whole and not feeling like pieces are gone and feeling comfortable in my own skin and feeling good about being a woman and feeling sensual and sexy and not being guilty about it.

And not feeling ashamed about any part of myself. Feeling good all around. And being like, having an attitude of this is me, this is who I am, and I’m okay with that and I don’t care what you think.

And it’s an amazing feeling to have that security and that comfort in my self in my body and feeling free of all the judgements and guilt and shame that I used to carry around with me for a long time.

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  1. Chet’s avatar

    It is amazing how many women have never experienced true satisfaction. If I was female I would give up on men and only date other women. Lesbians know how to satisfy women better them most guys ever could.


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