Fiji’s Awakening – Session 1 (video)

Fiji shares her thoughts after her first session of White Tiger Tantra. This video is the first in a series of interviews taken over a 3 day White Tiger Tantra Massage training. The first part was filmed immediately after Fiji experienced her “awakening.”

Steve: And isn’t the world a much more beautiful place?
Fiji: This is amazing. Everyone needs to experience this natural high. I’ve always believed in natural highs I didn’t know it would be this damn good.
Steve: It is and you have two more days of this.

Steve: What’s White Tiger Tantra to you?
Fiji: Just the most amazing experience. Yeah, basically. I mean I don’t know how to say anything more than that. Something that everyone, well every female, should experience because you really don’t feel… or I never have at least. And its a very comfortable experience. It feels like very technical because, I don’t know if that is really something that people would like but starting from the outer body to the inner body. So once its in the inner body its just another muscle. Its not sexual. It is sexual but… not.

If you would like to experience orgasms or help your partner achieve orgasms like the orgasms Lola describes, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

Learn more at: Sensual Awakening

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