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Dear Steve

Thanks once again for your superb coaching in using your White Tiger Tantra techniques.

I bought the White Tiger Programme when it first came out, & have been practising the techniques with my lovers for the past two years. I’ve been experimenting with the skills that you demonstrate so masterfully on the DVDs, & helping my lovers to achieve powerful vaginal orgasms, including “female ejaculation” with women who had considered themselves incapable of having anything but clitoral orgasms.

But your coaching this week has taken my skills to an entirely new level. While it involved a significant investment, the payoff for me in terms of new skills, fine tuning & increased sexual confidence have been profound. I was blown away by the intense emotional release, the “Teargasm”. While the subject matter was entirely private, the intense emotional cleansing she experienced was a joy to be present to. She really did have “the face of an angel” in the afterglow of the experience.

In the 48 hours since the coaching session, my lover & I have played together with a sense of delight & celebration as we repeated the “successes” of the coaching session (she had always believed herself to be unable to ejaculate). This is an amazing gift that men can give to women & couples can give to themselves. It’s not only an essential skill for any man wanting to become a more masterful lover; it’s a powerful healing process that can help women to experience greater emotional freedom & joy in their lives.

I thoroughly recommend White Tiger Tantra, Steve, & will continue to sing your praises to my friends, colleagues & clients.

Yours sincerely

Jamie Smart
NLP Trainer & CEO of Salad

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