Kali’s Awakening – Week 4

I’m one of the luckiest girls in the world who had the amazing opportunity to experience White Tiger Tantra with the master. It’s been 4 weeks since my initial White Tiger Tantra Awakening.

In addition to the direct benefit of body-and-mind-blowing orgasms, these are simply some ‘bonuses’ I’ve noticed over the past weeks that I directly attribute to my awakening.

As Steve P says, “the issue is in the tissue” and this has definitely been the case for me.

I know through the White Tiger Tantra sessions I’ve released some old traumas and “stories” that have been holding me back; which years of meditation, reiki, yoga, and healings hadn’t yet been able to release so completely.

Nothing specifically dramatic has occurred or changed in my life so far. But these subtle shifts are actually noticeable and I have an inkling that I will be seeing some actual concrete major changes in my life to come.


My symptoms are much diminished compared to in the past – both physical and emotional. Yes, I still have cramps but not nearly as painful as they used to be and for not as many days. Yes, I’m still cranky, tired, and have anxiety, but not nearly the crippling sometimes suicidal thoughts I used to experience.


My body moves slightly more gracefully, as one unit rather than herky-jerky. All parts feel more connected to each other and I can go into deeper stretches during yoga.


I’ve had chronic yeast infections for years. Treatments haven’t really completely eliminated the problem since I had taken so many antibiotics in past for other health issues that it messed with my immune system, and one side effect of that was increased yeast infections. No more. Literally no more yeast infection. Gone. No need for pills or creams. Just gone. Amazing.


Smoother! Thanks to all those wonderful natural massage oils.


My levels of enthusiasm have increased dramatically. I come from a family with a history of depression and have experienced terrible bouts of depression myself. Many times I’ve considered going on anti-depression medication. I used to be afraid of enthusiasm because that would just lead to dreams and desires which would lead to the most likely outcome of disappointment. NOW, instead of curling into a ball of self-pity, I’m understanding that I can harness my enthusiasm to come up with solutions and inspire HELP and PARTNERSHIP from others in making my dreams come to fruition. It’s as if because my body is more open and soft my mind is opening and softening as well.

Peace & Happiness:

Dare I say it? I feel more joyful. I still have neurotic self-deprecating thoughts that pop up. However, they don’t seem to complete themselves. The thought will come up, and I’ll notice it, but it doesn’t become a gripping loop that I become obsessed with. It’s more that I notice it, and I can either let it go much more easily OR, even better, I reassure myself or flip it into a positive. It’s as if I’m finally able to start putting into practice all those self-help directives, e.g. from The Secret or Abraham-Hicks. I’m actually able to shift my thinking more easily instead of wallowing in the incredible frustration I used to feel.

Is White Tiger Tantra a cure-all? I have no idea. But for me it certainly has been an Awakening in the truest sense; like I finally found the door I was looking for. An Awakening to what really is possible, to my own strength and ability, to my own sensuality and sexuality, to my understanding that my life and body are my own to do anything I want. I make the rules – not my old fears, stories, aches and pains.

I still have much to practice, I still need to focus and be disciplined, I still have to make a concerted effort to seek the positive instead of be seduced by the negative.

The difference now is, I actually know that I can.

Thank you Steve and the team. You’ve literally changed my life.


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