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Fiji shares her thoughts after her first session of White Tiger Tantra. This video is the first in a series of interviews taken over a 3 day White Tiger Tantra Massage training. The first part was filmed immediately after Fiji experienced her “awakening.”

Steve: And isn’t the world a much more beautiful place?
Fiji: This is amazing. Everyone needs to experience this natural high. I’ve always believed in natural highs I didn’t know it would be this damn good.
Steve: It is and you have two more days of this.

Steve: What’s White Tiger Tantra to you?
Fiji: Just the most amazing experience. Yeah, basically. I mean I don’t know how to say anything more than that. Something that everyone, well every female, should experience because you really don’t feel… or I never have at least. And its a very comfortable experience. It feels like very technical because, I don’t know if that is really something that people would like but starting from the outer body to the inner body. So once its in the inner body its just another muscle. Its not sexual. It is sexual but… not.

If you would like to experience orgasms or help your partner achieve orgasms like the orgasms Lola describes, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

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A little about me with my experience & my personal thanks


I’m a 23 year old female, full-time college student and I was first introduced to White Tiger Tantra two years ago through a guy I met (randomly at the bus terminal). I consider this man a very knowledgeable and competent source. He’s helped me in many different ways. But I will say he is smart for bringing White Tiger Tantra up in conversation after I told him I was in college for Massage Therapy.

To be given the opportunity for this experience at an early age in life is spectacular! White Tiger Tantra has made a life-changing impact, in more ways than one. There’s no better word to describe the ending result of a hands on session than the word ~”bliss”~ As I tell every person that is interested “It’s unlike anything I’ve felt or experienced before” I also love throwing in the ol’ “every woman should get the opportunity to experience it.”

I’ve practiced White Tiger Tantra enough (with my partner) that I can move the energy from ‘down there’ to up my back and into my head, and that, is an incredible feeling. My recent endeavor has been practicing bringing the feeling back by just thinking of my anchors while I was in that blissful state, and for the most part it works ..for a short time.

It’s a breeze to inform others about White Tiger Tantra, but to get willing participants that is a whole nother ball game. I know to look for women that carry a warm aura full of personality and open’ness but I’ve yet to meet that wonderful woman in my area. I have bisexual friends, but none that live near me.

I have to show my appreciation one last time>>>THANK YOU soo very much! It’s like I’ve increased my consciousness or leveled up!

Anyways, keep uploading vid’s and being great!

In Love & Light,

D.D. in Canada

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Maxima and Conrad share their experiences after continuing practicing the skills they discovered during a single session of White Tiger Tantra.

Narrator: What have you noticed that’s been different?
Maxima: I have to say I can make a good relation between massage and the sexual part in my brain. I do know an association, especially when he touch me. Its a good part, its a good being.
Conrad: Well now she’ll instantly react like that. We don’t have to build her up to that level. Its like she’s already there now.

Narrator: So you’re finding you’re getting her to those places much faster?
Conrad: Oh yeah.
Maxima: Oh yeah.
Conrad: With much more intensity. I’ve obviously… there’s a lot more of wetness and intensity to… it’s as if we brought it up to an extra level. If we compare, you know, before and after, its a very significant change in all sexual aspects I find. Because she’s much more sensitive all over her body too as well.

Narrator: Have you noticed a difference in her walk?
Maxima: Yes! I love to walk and dance and I realize the difference. I feel like a cat.
Conrad: And the whole pelvis moves too. That was a way big difference. It’s like before I didn’t notice the movement, but now I do. And not because we did this thing its really because you feel the movement. Its like in synchronicity, its better and it flows better too as well. I mean we’re definitely psyched to learn more about it for sure. I mean if this is only like level one kinda thing.

Narrator: Has there been any emotional changes? Have you felt any different during the day because you’ve had this release, this ‘awakening?’
Maxima: I don’t know if its because of those they are really strange.
Conrad: I think yes actually… The next day she was like super mellow and just nothing really bothered her. She was like on a very mellow mood and comfortable to live with as well. I think this is a process that everyone should go through, I mean some men should get through this process with out any of this stuff. But some need it and will find that it takes you up a level. So you’re a level closer to sublime. Anyone and everyone. Its not even an age question either. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.

If you would like to discover how powerful female orgasms can strengthen your relationships, the first step is to begin practicing White Tiger Tantra.

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