Question From T.B.

Hubby and I bought WTT dvd set , recieved last april. I was hiiighly sceptic, being 42, never having felt anything but a clit-orgasms and having “no” sensation in my vagina..

But, as you know, I learned that I have both A- ang G-spot that just needed to be invited to wake up 🙂 Was 100% sceptic to ejaculation ability, but was proven wrong again… now have to use like 1-2 big bathroom towels every time…

My “problem” is that I feel nothing that equals to my interpretation/ experience as being orgasms with this. I have crazy good burning sensation on both A- and G- spots (especially A.. OMG..) and get a downward pressing urge, which i find compatible with squirting.. My eyes are filled with fluid, tears running. But never, so far, anything that is even close to a classic clit-orgasm.. no contractions of PC-muscles or anything like that. So, are the A-and G-spot orgasms different from the clit-orgasms or am I just not “there” yet??? In all literature I’ve seen so far (and I’ve tried finding books and net-sites) it’s always described as contractions in the PC-muscles (espesially anal part, right?) This makes me “fear” am not doing it right.. I have allergy against feeling being wrongly put together.. LOL

Yes, we’ve done the massages and done the whole thing by “the book”..

Possible interesting information:
During last labour, summer 1999, I was badly hurt (huge pressure on iliosacral nervebundle for one hour with few minutes off inbetween) , was paralized in pelvic floor and right leg for months, still suffering from that now and then even though my kegels have been sufficient to make me hold in small metal balls jumping around in the room. .. Now I wonder if that “lack of orgasm” from A- and G-spots are because of that… my mind gets going…

Hope to hear from you.. Grateful if you have time to reassure a troubled mind LOL

T.B. 🙂

Steve’s Answer

First of all, there are no wrong ways of having orgasms.

There are only better ways of having orgasms.

Clitoral orgasms, since these are the first ones learned, are also referred to as adolescent orgasms. Vaginal orgasms are the next natural state of orgasms. Full body orgasms are the ‘adult dose’ of orgasms. And sustained multiple orgasms… well those are the crown jewels that all women desire to posess.

Back to your answer.

It sounds to me like you still have unsmooth muscle texture on the inner vagina. All spasms and trigger points need to be resolved out of inner vaginal muscle area to allow blood and nitric oxide to flow and create vasodilation, otherwise known as engorgement, in the genitals.

This creates an increased flow of nitric oxide in the blood. When this happens all the nerve fibers on the inner and outer vagina can be connected.

Remember in the sensual enhancement massage, on the outside of the shaved vagina, we do a massage technique that is quite similar to what is known as “skin rolling” to help remove spasms and other tension points on the exterior of the vagina.

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