Sharing White Tiger Tantra

One of our students has already begun putting into practice the techniques taught at our White Tiger Tantra Hands On Training and is getting amazing results.

Here’s just an excerpt:

“What a safe and healing place I found with you. I shed a massive weight off my spirit, with the added benefits of a prolonged full body orgasm! My senses were heightened and dulled simultaneously. The physical and spiritual planes were intensely extenuated and the mind finally turned off!!! I needed to submit, I wanted to. I was desperate to submit, in fact, I was desperate to strip my ego. I had little or no awareness of this need prior to you enraging my pleasure centers with your fabulous knowledge of White Tiger Tantra.

After the White Tiger Tantra session with you, I see with much more clarity. I now see men as sacred beings who want desperately to be lovingly accepted by the feminine, just as desperately as I want to be lovingly accepted by the masculine. I see the sexes as equal. I see you as the catalyst for this; you were sweet and loving, professional and passionate. Lovingly sexy and sexual, gracious and humble and I feel as though you humanized the masculine for me for the first time in a very long time. You also graciously humanized the feminine for me, in a gorgeously accepting, loving and sweet manner. It was the most unexpected gift from you to have control stripped and replaced and washed over with grace and pure desire. <3 I have no fear or hate for the masculine, anymore. ... What gorgeous space you created and you definitely opened so many possibilities for me and my husband both. I gave up control and it was positive, it completely erased the devastation of the times when I was forced to give my power up. I AM NOT A FUCKING VICTIM, ANYMORE! Tears are rolling down my face as I type this, and I mean what I say; I am a beautiful enlightened being with limitless potential for love and joy, there are no boundaries but those that exist in my mind the realty I live is the one that I create and I choose to create love, I choose to create beauty I choose the divine. This is real, it has been a couple days since the experience and I am feeling awareness, my body feels so different. ... My husband and I are discussing: the full potential within ourselves has not been reached and we are now open to many many possibilities! We have a vacation planned just him and I and I believe it will be very valuable for us; we don’t plan on leaving the room much. We are open to the possibilities of an open relationship we are grateful to you for giving us the key. I feel that this has saved our marriage in a true spiritual sense, it brought about much honesty, openness, and a shift in each of us."

To read the full letter, check out his blog: From Monogamy To Magic

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