Sexually Frustrated? Multiple Orgasms Can Help

sexually frustrated women

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the external female genitals (the vagina) and it’s regarded as the symbol of Shakti. Back in 2005, I released a five DVD set home study course on how to release multiple orgasms with yoni massage.

Since then thousands of sexually frustrated women have contacted us for sexual advice. Many women expressed their sexual frustrations over the short —2 to 4 second— orgasms they released.

Yet many other sexually frustrated women believed they couldn’t release any kind of orgasms at all.

sexually frustrated women

These women believed that something inside of them was broken.

In repeated discussions with women a consistent pattern emerged. Many women felt totally cheated and sexually frustrated by not being able to experience the powerful yoni multiple orgasms.

However, to further compound their sexual frustration many women turned to the Internet and found articles about women who couldn’t experience yoni orgasms.

That reinforced their limiting belief they had something physically wrong with them “Down There.”

These women just became more stressed and got stuck in between misinformation and over thinking their situation.

sexually frustrated women

Sexually Frustrated Women Helped With Multiple Orgasms

We’ve personally helped hundreds of sexually frustrated women from all around the world discover how their situation was not a sexual curse from the Lords of Karma.

We found it was more about self-imposed stress and a lack of their mind-body-yoni connection.

Some women we’ve worked with wanted to share their personal success stories of going from sexual frustration to sensual elation. Sometime soon we’ll publish the contributed journal entries on our White Tiger Tantra Blog, under “Sensual Awakening Journals.”

Consequently, the more we helped sexually frustrated women with yoni massage and multiple orgasms; the more women also discovered the stress relief from their mind-body-yoni orgasm connection.

This also helped relieve their sexual frustrations.

sexually frustrated women

Discover Multiple Orgasm Benefits

Prior to our publishing the home study yoni massage course, we only shared these techniques with women who were our coaching clients or my girlfriends who desired to explore the arts of Sacred Sensuality.

Here’s the deal…

When women worry about whether they could have a yoni multiple orgasms or not have any orgasms… it triggered a stress feedback loop.

That in turn activated a stress chemical response of cortisol and adrenaline.

In times of danger, this neurochemical response is meant to protect you.

Stress inhibits a woman’s ability to have any orgasms.

sexually frustrated women

Our solution, have women experience our White Tiger Tantra Yoni Multiple Orgasms.

These multiple orgasms release endorphins and oxytocin — a neurological pleasure cocktail that counteracts and resets the stress response chemicals cortisol and adrenaline.

When women experience yoni massage orgasms they also discover how much longer and stronger these multiple orgasms can be.

These powerful multiple orgasms also give women an afterglow that can last for days.

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Sexually Frustrated? Awaken Dormant Sacred Sensual Areas in your Body

Before we introduce women to yoni massage or multiple orgasms, we encourage them to first awaken dormant sacred sensual areas in their bodies.

We suggest they explore how to awaken and balance the connection between the Three Sensual Centers.

For years, these advanced techniques were only shared with our private coaching clients. Many women use these meditations to improve their personal life by alleviating stress in their life.

The first rule to improve your multiple orgasms is to just have fun and enjoy the process.

Any other goals can cause undue stress or put you under pressure to perform. Either one of those mental activities can cause you to release an adrenaline or cortisol spike.

sexually frustrated women

That is counterproductive for awakening and releasing powerful multiple orgasms.

This reminds me of a very polite sexually frustrated client who flew in from Amsterdam.

This attractive woman, in her late 30’s, taught yoga and had a fairly active lifestyle. However, in her intimate life, both she and her lovers consistently put pressure on her to have orgasms.

She began to question if she was “physically broken” down there. In desperation, she reached out to us and set up an interview and Skype session.

sexually frustrated women

Woman Has Over 40 Multiple Orgasms in Her First Session

During the interview, I recognized a familiar pattern that many women have described to us. She had put pressure on herself to have sex with the goal of reaching climax for her lover.

When I suggested that perhaps her problem wasn’t physical and instead might just be stress related, tears welled up in her eyes as she asked “Do you think there is hope for me?”

I agreed to work with her on a couple of conditions.

The first thing we had to agree upon about resolving her sexual frustration was that we were going to establish a goal of having no goals.

Next, if she had an orgasm while practicing the White Tiger Tantra Meditations, she was only to consider it as a bonus.

sexually frustrated women

Second thing, she would need to practice how to awaken and balance the connection between the Three Sensual Centers, her Mind-Body-Yoni multiple orgasm connection.

She would need to practice the meditation and journal about it at least twice a day.

Third, she would need to purchase and practice our White Tiger Tantra self-massage meditation— Warming The Kettle— a minimum of twice a day.

Then she would need to journal briefly about her experience and email it to me after she completed each meditation.

After she agreed to my conditions, I asked if she wanted me to guide her through a short sensual meditation that I designed. The meditation helps to balance a spiritual connection between the mind, the heart, and yoni by opening a person to their sensual centers.

Sensual Shamans believe that if one of these sacred centers is out of balance it will lead to other areas of your life being out of balance as well.

I mentioned for the first week or two she might want to just do the Balancing the Three Sensual Centers Meditation and write her journals and email them to me. Then she could add the Warming The Kettle meditation to the routine she had set up.

Sexually Frustrated?

yoni massage

Balance Your Three Sensual Centers

*Do this meditation and feel instant relief from sexual frustration, at a time when you can take time for yourself, in a safe, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

Here are the Steps To Relieving Sexual Frustration by Balancing your Three Sensual Centers…

Close your eyes, clench your butt cheeks, and curl your toes up.

sexually frustrated women

Next you’re going to breath in four sets of four breaths.

sexually frustrated women

  • As you take these breaths in… breathe deeply and rhythmically into the area located three fingers below your navel. This is called deep rhythmic breathing.
  • Place your three middle fingers right under your navel.
  • Place the three fingers on your other hand directly under these fingers. Now just imagine that you’re breathing rhythmically into this area.

Each time you inhale increase the rhythm of your breath.

  • Do the first three sets of the four breaths with your eyes closed and your butt cheeks clenched and CURL your toes UP.

Remember to increase the rhythm of your breath as you do the last set of four breaths.

  • Keep your eyes closed and your butt cheeks clenched tight as you CURL your toes DOWN.

After you’ve exhaled the fourth breath, keep your eyes closed and relax your toes and your butt cheeks.

  • Perhaps as you feel a new sensation of calmness flowing through your body and mind. Remember to breathe (slowly).
  • If you’d like to increase the flow of some other pleasant neurochemicals, do these next optional steps.

sexually frustrated women

Keep your eyes closed as you gently flare your nostrils.

  • Do four sets of four nostril flares. After you’ve completed this exercise. Take a tour of your body and notice the new sensations.

You are going to give yourself a breast massage.

  • This should be done with 4 more sets of deep rhythmic breathing.
  • Take one hand and stick it under the natural breast line at the bottom of your breast.
  • With the other hand take your index finger and middle finger and make circular motions around your areola.
  • After you complete 1 set of rhythmic breaths, do the massage on your other breast with another set of 4 rhythmic breaths.
  • Alternate until you have done 2 sets on each breast.

sexually frustrated women

*Practicing this breast massage meditation with the deep rhythmic breathing can help you release endorphins and oxytocin. This in turn, can help you naturally counteract the stress neurochemicals adrenaline and cortisol.

*The more you practice this breast massage meditation the more you’ll create a body-mind connection that can rapidly mitigate stress.

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