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50 Shades of Grey

Can you imagine, what it would be like— after a long stressful day— to just immerse yourself in the health benefits of some sexual fantasies? Regardless of whether you read the erotic short stories like The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries or the longer trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey… There are studies that point to the mental and physical benefits of letting your mind get lost in sexual fantasies.

More on this later…

Below Jenny describes her first experience with the White Tiger Tantra Sensual Shamans. She affectionately refers to them as the Vagina Mechanics.

After Jenny’s First Visit With The Sensual Shamans

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In both Fifty Shades of Grey and The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries, women discover BDSM and some other stimulating adventures that help them release multiple orgasms. As the women surrender into the moment the experience produces a pleasure cocktail.

Love Drunk – Make Your Choice

This cocktail creates a very euphoric natural high called being love drunk. Whether the memories are real or imagined, sexual fantasies release powerful neurochemicals that can calm you.

The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries and Fifty Shades of Grey can open that private place in the back your mind that will let your imagination experience your hidden desires.

Consider this: After a long stressful day, wouldn’t it be nice to unplug from the world and just slip off into some of your favorite sexual fantasies?

50 shades of grey

If Everybody’s Talkin…

Recently there are a lot of narrow-minded critics condemning the increased popularity of BDSM fiction like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries erotic short stories.

There are many mental and physical benefits of sexual fantasies.

What the critics have overlooked is that whether you read fiction like 50 Shades of Grey or the real life experiences from The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries there are many powerful benefits.

What happens when you take a mental vacation into your sexual fantasies? You create a mind body connection to release a pleasure cocktail that can revitalize you.

After a long day at work, school or just taking care of your daily obligations…or if you’re single mom you can create stress and tension in your body.

50 shades of grey

However, when you read erotic short stories like The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries or the longer trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey, it rekindles hidden desires that sensually revitalize you. This is because sexual fantasies can release a pleasant neurochemical cocktail that contain endorphins and oxytocin.

This pleasure cocktail counteracts powerful stress hormones like cortisol.

Many of the critics of erotica argue that the success of Fifty Shades of Grey could cause a major shift in our culture’s collective moral compass. Films with BDSM have been around for a long time. In the 2002 film “Secretary” there were some very hot, explicit and kinky BDSM scenes… and by the way, that wealthy sexually dominant man in Secretary was also named Mr. Grey.

50 shades of grey

James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

Differences & Similarities Can Be…

Fifty Shades of Grey and The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries have more differences than similarities. They do both share some of the percussive arts and other stimulating BDSM activities. However, Fifty Shades of Grey is a work of fiction, while The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries are a spiritual adventure into Sacred Sensuality collected in five erotic short stories.

These stories are based on the dairies of real sexual submissives.

For privacy the names of the sexual submissives have been changed and some are composite characters.

If you’re into the sexual fantasies and freedom that fiction can provide, Fifty Shades of Grey might be for you. Yet, if you’ve ever wanted to just peek inside someone else’s sexual adventure, you might want to cuddle up with The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries.

50 shades of grey

Readers Are Leaders

In both Fifty Shades of Grey and The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries, the main characters are dominant men with sexually submissive women. Yet that’s where many of the parallels part ways.

In Fifty Shades of Grey, the dominant man is very wealthy, domineering and has some deep emotional scars… and a taste for hard-core kinky BDSM.

In The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries, the dominant man is an ex-biker turned sex coach who’s a world-renowned hypnotist and Sensual Shaman. He helps women discover multiple orgasms and awaken sensually to themselves.

In The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries, the submissives discover how multiple orgasms resolve their sexual frustrations.

They also explore sexual meditations that help them release sensual energy.

These meditations release a pleasure cocktail of endorphins and oxytocin that alleviate stress and tension..

The women in both Fifty Shades of Grey and The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries are young, attractive college students with an eagerness to explore BDSM and the lifestyle of a sexual submissive.

In Fifty Shades of Grey, the sexual submissive— still a virgin— is a working-class girl from next door.

50 shades of grey

However in The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries, the women come from very affluent families. They are attracted to this dominant ex-biker with a bad boy attitude. They’ve found their rebel with a cause… that they will probably never bring home to meet their mom.

Fantasies Take Me Away

If you ever wanted to release a pleasure cocktail to ease the tension of your day, then just cuddle up to some healthy erotic reading and let your sexual fantasies go.

Can you just imagine the next time you read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy or the erotic short stories from The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries… and notice how… the stress of the day can just melt away.

Here’s one last point. After women— like Jenny in the video above— discover how they can release sustained multiple orgasms… the more fully the women can remember the experience, the more abundantly they can release the flow of this pleasure cocktail mentally.

That’s because the memories can be recalled as sexual fantasies.

So whether it’s a real memory or the sexual fantasies you read about in Fifty Shades of Grey or The Sensual Shaman’s Diaries… You might notice how good it feels when you just let your memories and the pleasant sexual fantasies of modern erotica take your stress away.

yoni massage

The notion of yoni massage and orgasms to resolve the many unhealthy side effects of stress related illness isn’t a new concept.

The mental and physical health benefits of sacred sensuality— the mind-body-yoni massage-orgasm-spiritual connection— go way back to before the Kama Sutra was written in ancient India.

In more recent history, Dr. Wilhelm Reich moved to New York in 1939. He practiced sexual healing with patients using his Orgone energy therapy.

His version of what we might now call a form of sacred sensuality.

Let’s go into a little history lesson.

The late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957), was a protégé of Sigmund Freud. He believed women who couldn’t release the total emotional, physical and spiritual experience of ego-free full-body orgasms and cycle Orgone energy became neurotic.

yoni massage

This according to Reich could also lead to chronic emotional distress that trapped emotions in the body’s tissue or what he called armoring. “The issues get trapped in the tissues.”

Orgone energy is Dr. Reich’s concept that combines the cycling universal life force energy (Chi) with the energy of ‘ego-free’ mind, body and spiritual orgasms.

He developed Orgone energy therapy to free the trapped emotions and reduce the impact and symptoms of illnesses like; anxiety, depression and other stress related issues.

Reich believed most modern illnesses came from the stress of everyday life and sexual suppression.

He coined the phrase “the sexual revolution.”yoni massage

With his Orgone energy therapy Reich’s patients obtained some very promising and measurable results. However, his message of sexual liberation and sexual healing disturbed his colleagues, the power structure and the politicians of New York in 1939. Reich was sentenced to prison and died there of heart failure.

Modern Medical Discovery

We’ve known for years that women who receive yoni massages and yoni orgasms, at least once a week, are considerably less stressed and overall much happier.

However, there is current medical research that may indicate that while enjoying themselves, these women may have also inadvertently strengthened an unconscious mind-body health connection.

Actually it’s more of a mind-body-sensory connection that uses a neural network called the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve wanders from the brain and connects to every organ of the body with a highly sensitive sensory input-output neural network.

yoni massage

This neural network receives sensory input from the organs and responds with releasing neural chemicals.

For instance, when you’re in danger or become stressed your mind instantly releases vital neurochemicals into your body like adrenaline and cortisol to protect you. The vagus nerve is responsible for this action.

The vagus nerve then calms the tension in your body by the release of other neurochemicals like endorphins and oxytocin to counter the effects of the stress.

How quick you can rebound from any stressful situations is called your vagal tone.

A significant rise in vagal tone, which increases with positive emotions, is also thought to increase the vagal tone.

This can enhance social closeness while maintaining and promoting good health. Certainly, yoni massage can result in pleasant orgasms.

Yet, an additional side benefit is that at the unconscious level, regular yoni massages could help women return to a more balanced state of being by strengthening their vagal tone.

yoni massage

Yoni Massage Before and After Video

Started with “I thought I was being cheated by the little orgasms I was cursed with. Now I can release full-body, toe-curling, orgasms…that leave me speechless.”

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The Nerve Hunter

The mind-body-organ connection discovered recently through the research of Dr. Kevin Tracy, a New York neurosurgeon, who studies the interaction of the vagus nerve and it’s potential healing relationship to the body.

Click here to read a great article, “Hacking The Nervous System” about his work.

What Wires Together Fires Together…

What Wires Apart Fires Apart!!

A great quote from the book The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease by Marc Lewis PHD is “What wires together fires together. What wires apart fires apart.” Our bodies and minds are neurological learning machines that we can train.

What you practice you get good at.

If you practice thinking negative thoughts you become stressed.

The longer you’re stressed the more tension builds up in your body. Conversely, if you practice thinking positive thoughts or doing positive things your body will practice being calm.

Obviously, there are many pleasure benefits with yoni massage.

Yet when you practice them regularly they also condition you to release a full-body pleasure cocktail of neurochemicals like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, etc.

yoni massage

Some benefits of releasing this cocktail are, dopamine and oxytocin can help create deep bonding with your partner. When you release oxytocin the cuddle chemical it can help resolve anxiety and depression by lowering cortisol.

With regular practice of yoni massage and orgasms you increase your respiratory rate, increase the flow of blood to your organs, that can help dissipate headaches and help give you a glow that has you look and feel years younger.

Can’t always take the time for a yoni massage and orgasm. No problem there are studies that indicate when you immerse yourself and pleasant thoughts and memories you can also release a neurochemical pleasure cocktail.

Here is a step-by-step exercise for you to do at home:

  • Find a safe and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed and shut off your phone or any other potential distractions.
  • Take some time for yourself.
  • Then just close your eyes and practice thinking back to a very pleasant thought or memory. Perhaps you can recall a very enjoyable sensual experience.
  • Totally immerse yourself in that memory.
  • See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. And if there were any pleasant scents associated with the situation… slowly them breathe in and totally recall them again. As you exhale, notice how tension leaves your body.

These kinds of activities can help you train your body and mind to use your parasympathetic nervous system to unconsciously and spontaneously release neurochemicals to help you feel great.

The more you wire together and fire together good feelings… the better you’ll feel.

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